Candle Jack
Species Ghost
Gender Male
Aliases Jack
Rivals Freakazoid
First appearance "Freakazoid and Friends"
Voiced by Jeff Bennett

Candle Jack is a villainous ghost who appeared on Freakazoid! He was a personification of the Boogeyman. He only had a starring role in one episode, and prominent cameos in two others, but his first appearance was so memorable that the character became an Internet meme.

Candle Jack's gimmick is that he would kidnap and tie up anyone who said his name, including Freakazoid. Fortunately, he can be easily distracted and led into traps by his weakness - pumpkin pie. Being a ghost, though, he is easily able to eventually escape said traps.

Candle Jack's method of abducting people became an Internet meme in the form of people writing things on websites such as YouTube or DeviantART, and then submitting their writings with the sentences left unfinished, as if Candle Jack came and kidnapped them before they finished typing, but not without clicking the "Submit" button himself while doing so. (Ironically, on the show, Candle Jack did not actually kidnap anyone before they finished speaking.)


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