Cho-Cho being her innocent-looking self.
Species Human
Gender Female
Citizenship Burbank, California
Confidants Lucky Bob (boyfriend)
Miss Information
Loud Kiddington
Charity Bazaar
Aka Pella
Pepper Mills
Pule Houser
Susanna Susquahanna
First appearance "Inventors Hall of Fame - Part 1"
Voiced by Tress MacNeille

Cho-Cho is a character featured on Histeria!, voiced by Tress MacNeille. She is a little Asian girl who, in spite of her smiling schoolgirl appearance, is also a devious swindler. Over the course of the show's run, she is shown demanding René Descartes to buy magazines, pressuring Sergei Eisenstein to screw up on tongue twisters, and chasing down Genghis Khan in an attempt to get him to buy snacks from her. Cho-Cho's dialogue is almost always accompanied by music set to the musical piece "Chopsticks".

Relationships with other characters

Lucky Bob


Cho-Cho smiling at Lucky Bob.

Cho-Cho is almost never seen without her dim-witted companion, Lucky Bob. Frequently, he carries her stuff around for her, and in other cases, they're also always seen together in Miss Information's tour groups; sometimes, Lucky Bob is left behind until Cho-Cho comes back to get him. Perhaps because of their always being together, it is speculated that she and Lucky Bob are lovers. In "Super Amazing Constitutions", Cho-Cho even states that the reason for the adjective in Bob's name is that "he got all the good looks in his family", suggesting that she thinks he is handsome. Also, a brief shot in "Writers of the Purple Prose" shows Cho-Cho and Lucky Bob acting out the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.