Steven Speilberg Presents Freakazoid!
Abbreviation F!
Creator(s) Bruce Timm
Tom Ruegger
Executive producer Steven Spielberg
Run 1995-1997
Episodes 24
Original network Kids' WB!

Freakazoid! is an American animated television series, produced by Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation that aired for two seasons from 1995 and 1997. Then, after cancellation, reruns aired on Cartoon Network until March 8, 2003. Bruce Timm, best known as a major principal of the DC animated universe, originally intended it to be a straightforward superhero action-adventure cartoon with comic overtones, but executive producer Steven Spielberg asked series producer/writer Tom Ruegger and the Animaniacs team to turn Freakazoid! into a flat-out comedy.


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# Title Director(s) Writer(s) First airdate Opponent
1-101 Dance of Doom Ronaldo Del Carmen and Jack Heiter John McCann and Tom Ruegger September 9, 1995 Cave Guy
1-102 Candle Jack Scott Jeralds and Eric Radomski Tom Ruegger and Tom Minton September 16, 1995 Candle Jack
1-103 Mo-Ron Unknown Unknown September 23, 1995 None, really
1-104 And FanBoy Is His Name Scott Jeralds and Turk Flipnut Paul Dini and John McCann September 30, 1995 Fanboy
1-105 Foamy The Freakadog Ronaldo Del Carmen and Eric Radomski Paul Dini and Paul Rugg October 14, 1995 No one
1-106 The Chip (Part l) Dan Riba Paul Rugg November 4, 1995 Guitierrez
1-107 The Chip (Part ll) Dan Riba Paul November 11, 1995 Guitierrez
1-108 Hot Rods From Heck John P. Mccann Ronaldo Del Carmen November 18, 1995 Longhorn
1-109 Relax O Vision Paul Dini Scott Jeralds November 25, 1995
1-110 In Arms Way/The Cloud Ken Segall Dan Riba December 16, 1995 Arms Akimbo

Next Time, Phone Ahead!

Tom Ruegger Eric Roadomski No one really
1-112 House of Freakazoid Unknown Unknown
1-113 The Wrath of Guitierrez Paul Rugg Scott Jeralds Guitierrez
2-101 Dexter's Date Paul Rugg and Alan Burnett Jack Heiter The Lobe
2-102 The Freakazoid Paul Rugg Rich Arons and Jack Heiter The Lobe
2-103 Mission: Freakazoid John P. Mccann Rich Arons and Dave Marshall Janos and Colonel
2-104 Virtual Freak Peter Shin Melody Fox and John P. Mccann The Lobe
2-105 Hero Boy Jack Heiter and Rich Arons Tom Sheppard and Paul Rugg Guitierrez
2-106 A Matter of Love Lisa Malone and Paul Rugg Rich Arons Mary Beth
2-107 Statuesque John P. Mccann Peter Shin Jeepers and Vorn
2-108 Island of Dr. Mystico Jed Spingam Rich Shin and Dave Marshall Dr. Mystico
2-109 Two Against Freak Rich Arons and Jack Heiter Ken Segall Cave Guy and Cobra Queen
2-110 Tomb of Invisibo Rich Arons and Peter Shin Mitch Watson Invisibo
2-111 Normadeus Rich Arons and Dave Marshall Paul Rugg