Gogo Dodo
Species Dodo
Gender Male
Relatives Yoyo Dodo (father)
Citizenship Wackyland
Rivals Silas Wonder
First appearance "The Looney Beginning"
Voiced by Frank Welker

Gogo Dodo is a dodo bird who resides in Wackyland, which is near Acme Acres, and as the name suggests, is "wild and crazy and totally out of control." Gogo and Wackyland were considered bizarre and nonsensical by even the lax standards of the other characters in the show, and the latter was usually explicitly avoided. Gogo's bizarre behavior included dating inanimate objects (such as a fire hydrant in "Prom-ise Her Anything") He was voiced by Frank Welker.

Gogo is also notably the only one of the starring characters on Tiny Toon Adventures to actually be of relation to their Looney Tunes counterpart; according to Paul Dini, he is the son of Yoyo Dodo.

Key roles

  • "The Looney Beginning" - Gogo makes his debut in the audition for "wacky and lovable neighbors." After a rather strange rendition of Hamlet's "soliloliloliquy", Buster and Babs slingshotted him to Wackyland, (The setting of the old Looney Tunes short, Porky in Wackyland) which would eventually become his "home surreal home."
  • "Her Wacky Highness" - After being sent home from school, Babs runs away to Wackyland, and is guided around by Gogo and the other "nutty natives". Soon, Babs is crowned Queen of Wackyland, but can't stand everyone's annoying craziness, and escapes, with the help of Buster, Plucky, and Hamton.
  • "Sawdust and Toonsil" - When Silas Wonder's Wonderful Circus of Wonderment comes to Acme Acres, Gogo attempts to free his friends from Wackyland, who have been kidnapped by the evil Silas Wonder. However, he himself gets locked up, and it's up to Buster, Babs, and Plucky to get him and everyone else to Wackyland before they die from lack of wackiness. However, Plucky's selfish attitude gets in their way, and the three end up in a high-diving act. They escape, and are able to catch up to Gogo and the other captives and get them back to Wackyland.