Lucky Bob
Lucky Bob in his natural state.
Species Human
Gender Male
Aliases Stooly Bob
Confidants Cho-Cho (girlfriend)
Miss Information
Loud Kiddington
Charity Bazaar
Aka Pella
Pepper Mills
Pule Houser
Susanna Susquahanna
Signature "You are correct, sir!"
"Yeth now!"
First appearance "Noel"
Voiced by Jeff Bennett
Lucky Bob as he debuted on Animaniacs.

Lucky Bob is a character featured in Histeria!, voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett. He is very dim-witted and agreeable to everything.

Known to "borrow" catchphrases from TV personality Ed McMahon, Bob is frequently seen in Miss Information's tour group, accompanied by his best friend Cho-Cho. He also frequently accompanies Cho-Cho in her attempts to sell merchandise. By himself, Bob can be seen screwing up with the easiest questions on a game show, much to the annoyance of the hosts (in the Pop Quiz game show sketch in "China", he thought the Chou dynasty took place at six o'clock, which is when he "always has chow").

In spite of the use of the adjective "lucky" in his name, he is never actually shown as being lucky. Cho-Cho often gives strange explanations for his name each time she is asked why he is called "lucky". One example is in a sketch about the Transcontinental Railroad in the episode "General Sherman's Campsite"; Cho-Cho mentions that he was once kicked in the head by a donkey, but explains that he is called Lucky Bob because, lately, he hasn't encountered any more donkeys. Notably, in another instance of this running gag (in "Super Amazing Constitutions"), the reason Cho-Cho gives for his name is that he got all the good looks in his family, possibly suggesting that she thinks he is handsome and that she has a crush on him.

It should be noted that Bob's character may have already been designed (and maybe even conceptualized) before Histeria! even premiered. A character resembling him appeared in the Animaniacs segment "Noel".