Lydia Karaoke
Lydia answering the phone.
Species Human
Gender Female
Rivals Mr. Smartypants
Sister Windbag
First appearance "Inventors Hall of Fame - Part 1"
Voiced by Nora Dunn

Lydia Karaoke is a beautiful employee for The WB Network who has been assigned as network censor for Histeria!, and given the show's nature, this can be quite a hassle for her. Often, she interrupts the sketches to complain that what is about to be or has just been shown is inappropriate for children's television. Among these, she has protested usage of curse words in actual expressions and the use of the term "poop deck", as well as informing the viewers that Hannibal was painted incorrectly. In particular, she does not work well with Mr. Smartypants and has suspicions on what he's doing in his pants.

In a way, Lydia is the closest the Histeria! characters have to a recurring antagonst, but she is not necessarily villainous. She is only doing these things because it's her job, not out of spite. Nevertheless, her job as network censor does not prevent her from occasionally actually taking part in the sketches herself, albeit usually in crowd shots. When actually appearing as a character in the sketches, she can be shown hosting a game show, and even once appeared as Athena (or Minerva) in the song "What's in a God's Name?"