Queen Tyr'ahnee
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Queen Tyr'ahnee AKA The Martian Queen is the beautiful and very sexy ruler of Mars in the Duck Dodgers (TV series). She is in love with him and, just like Cadet, believes him to be a true hero, although she still dislikes him at times. She is something of a female version of Marvin the Martian and wears outfits reminiscent of ancient Egyptian royal garb. In episode "To Love a Duck", the queen showed her feelings to Dodgers and wanted to marry him which almost did happen. However, he changed his mind when The Martian Commander tricked him into thinking he had to run methane farms on Uranus and left the queen. Doing this, however, made the queen outraged and wanted revenge against Dodgers. In the episode "The Queen is Wild", it is shown she is a very skilled and powerful warrior. In the same episode, she had a chance to destroy Dodgers, but she still loved him too much and held back, giving Dodgers the chance to attack and escape. Martian Commander X-2 once dated and very nearly married her, but the queen decided not to because she still loved Dodgers. Her name is pronounced like "tyranny."