Sergeant Mike Cosgrove
Species Human
Gender Male
Citizenship Washington, D.C.
Confidants Freakazoid
Roddy MacStew
Signature "Cut it out."
First appearance "Dance of Doom"
Voiced by Ed Asner

He is best friends with Freakazoid and He is also the best cop. He is so good at his job that he can sense when a crime is about to happen. In fact, when he says, "Cut it out!" the criminal stops what they're doing. Cosgrove is always asking Freakazoid if he wants to go some where to eat, he always seems to know where Freakazoid is. Cosgrove also knows Freakazoid's secret indentity, his family and knows where he lives. However, He does not get along with Freakazoid's new butler, Professor Jones, who appears later on in the series.

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