"The Russian Revolution"
Episode 23

Froggo meets his new big buddy, Joseph Stalin.

Production code H027
Air date October 24, 1998
Intro sequence The Histeria! March
Gag credit Big Brother is watching you, so CUT IT OUT!
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The Histeria! gang takes part in the Russian Revolution and meets revolutionaries Vladimir Lenin,Leon Trotsky,Joseph Stalin and Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.

One of the episodes where Loud was seen wearing a hat.


When BFB lands on the flag pole before 'Peace,land and bread',the light blue stripe on the flag becomes a dark blue.

During the line 'All we want is',the flag disappears.

Lucky Bob is seen wearing a purple shirt and a pair of red trousers during the show.Oddly,during the song 'Peace,land and bread' when Lenin was being interviewed,he is seen in a red shirt and blue trousers.

The Tsar was never imprisoned,as seen in 'Peace,land and bread'. He escaped with his family but was killed five months later by revolutionary men.

The apron of WOW has no patches but two patches were seen on her apron when she is surrounded by BFBs in the song 'Peace,land and bread'.

Peace, Land, and Bread

Peace,Land and Bread is a song about the Russian Revolution. ' Peace, land and bread ' was the slogan for the 1917 October Revolution.

The Making of The Battleship Potemkin

My Buddy Stalin

This song explains why Stalin had a photo of Froggo on his desk in the song 'The Sound of Stalin'.