Tiny Toon Adventures
Abbreviation TTA
Creator(s) Tom Ruegger
Executive producer Tom Ruegger
Run 1990-1992
Episodes 98 (plus 1 movie and 2 specials)
Original network Syndication (1990-1992)
Fox Kids (1992-1995)
Kids' WB! (1997-2000)
Cartoon Network (1999-2001)
Hub Network (2013-2015)

Tiny Toon Adventures is an animated cartoon created and produced by Tom Ruegger. It depicts the next generation of Looney Tunes characters. It was Warner Bros.' first animated television series, and sparked a revival of the Warner Bros. animation department. The cartoon premiered in first-run syndication in September 1990. In 1991, the show was licensed exclusively to Fox Kids, and has since aired in reruns on Kids' WB!, Cartoon Network, and the Hub Network. It ended production in late 1994.


TTA is set in the town of Acme Acres, focusing on a group of characters who attend Acme Looniversity to become the next Warner Bros. cartoon stars. They are led under the wise(guy) guidance of the original Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies characters, who make frequent guest appearances on the show.


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The two main characters are both rabbits: Buster Bunny, a blue male rabbit, and Babs Bunny, a pink female rabbit. Other major characters include Plucky Duck, a green male duck; Hamton J. Pig, a pink male pig; Fifi La Fume, a purple-and-white female skunk; Shirley the Loon, a white female loon; Dizzy Devil, a purple Tasmanian devil; Furrball, a blue cat; Calamity Coyote, a bluish-gray coyote; Gogo Dodo, a green dodo; Montana Max, a rich brat, and Elmyra Duff, an animal-loving human girl. Supporting characters included Little Beeper, a red-orange roadrunner; Li'l Sneezer, a gray mouse with powerful sneezes; Sweetie Pie, a pink canary; Concord Condor, a purple condor; Byron Basset, a usually sleeping basset hound; Bookworm, a green worm with glasses; Arnold the Pit Bull, a muscular white pit bull; Fowlmouth, a white rooster; Barky Marky, a brown dog; and Mary Melody, a young human girl.

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