Tiny Toon Adventures
"Toons From the Crypt"
Season 3, Episode 86

Buster as the Cryptkeeper.

Production code A-182
Air date September 22, 1992
Written by Nicholas Hollander
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"Toons From the Crypt" is the 86th episode of Tiny Toon Adventures, and for many, it was the last one to air. The Fox Kids censors found the episode so unsettling that they refused to air it, and as a result, it was only shown on a few Fox network affiliates as a prime-time special. However, they did also include the first segment in an episode of The Plucky Duck Show. Regardless, when Nickelodeon picked up the reruns of the show, this episode was regularly shown in their rotation of the show (but most online fan-made episode guides never made note of that).


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