Yakko Warner
Yakko Warner
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Aliases Chicken
Pets Porky Pig
Citizenship Burbank, California.
Rivals Buddy, Mr. Director, Baloney the Dinosaur, Ralph the security guard
Signature "Good night everybody!" (which he says whenever someone says a double entendre)
First appearance "De-Zanitized"
Voiced by Rob Paulsen

Yakko Warner is one of the three main starring characters from Animaniacs, alongside his siblings Wakko and Dot.

Yakko is the smart one yet hes zany. Yakko has a way to yak someones ear of because of his talk like `` plozy your terrific nice chicin saled ever tried to sell it for lunch now Yakko can sing a GIANT dictionary and each nation on earth waile wakko could only sing each state in the U.S.A (though I think that yakko could sing each state to) again Yakko is smartest. Yakko sang a song of the universe